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Safety Tips While On a Long Drive

Long distance driving can be a straining task for either experienced drivers or new ones. Studies has shown that drivers have driven while drowsy due to tiredness and other factors such as stress. It is important to prepare appropriately for such journeys. Planning in advance is vital in completing a safe and successful trip. A lot of risks are involved as well, whether at night or during the day, accidents are bound to happen. However, with the appropriate safety measures a long distance can be a successful one. Here are various safety measure to take in a long drive:

• Follow road rules and signs

This is the most important point to consider while driving long or short drives. In order to arrive safely, one needs to learn the road rules and signs of different places. Some signs vary in different areas and knowing them is a must. This will not only avoid accidents, it gives you confidence while driving and also avoid tickets.

• Lane man

In a highway drive, it is important if not critical to have lane discipline. Driving in a highway may involve switching back and forth of lanes and this can be a tiring and strenuous activity. With the right discipline, switching of lanes ensures a smooth activity for you and other vehicles around you and thus relaxes you as you drive. Once your driving is predictable it highly increases safety margins on the road.

• Sit up straight

The body should be always upright while driving in long drives. One should always ensure that the car seat is always adjusted properly for the body. This is useful in several ways such as:
Ensures maximum blood flow
Reduces body stress
Reduces driving trance
Reduces soreness

• Rest Breaks

Rest stops are crucial in long drives especially if you are driving alone. It is quite easy to fall asleep while driving due to boredom or fatigue and this is dangerous as one may veer of the road or much worse. Long distances travels will always provide rest stops where one ca have naps, relieve yourself and relax yourself. Refreshed minds and bodies are the best while driving.

• Stops for Meals and Drinks Refreshments

If you feel hungry while driving it is always wise to stop by for quick bites to increase your energy. It is also worth to note that it isn’t safe to eat while driving as it averts your attention away from the road. This stops are necessary for such purposes. The body needs to be hydrated always and the stomach full.

• Average speeds

It is important to maintain average speeds while driving through this long distances. Driving fast can be quite hard and needs a lot of mind concentration and this will bring on fatigue. Driving slow on the other hand is a boring activity and annoying for other drivers as well. Thus, it is advisable to maintain average speeds which also increases fuel efficiency over long distances and this helps reduces fuel stops.

• Carry a Road Safety Kit

Long drives are unpredictable and many things can happen before you reach your destination. It is therefore important to have a safety road kit such as flashlight, help sign, reflective jacket, jack and tire iron among others. You may include a sleeping bag in case of a breakdown and a working cell phone for emergencies. Remember that cell phones should not be used while driving. A UK driving test would ensure you are eligible and prepared in driving long distance.