Road Safety Signs and Symbols

Road safety signs or traffic signs on road are placed with the sole purpose of providing information to the road users. With a colossal increase in the traffic volumes in the past couple of decades, the roads have become congested and the pollution is soaring. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see more of these road safety signs and symbols appearing on the roads for your safety.

These road safety signs in most countries are displayed as colorful pictures so as to cross the language barrier and put the message across to any person from any nationality. Road safety signs and meanings should be well understood while on the road by all travelers so as to enhance traffic safety. Such pictorial road safety signs pictures and symbols are often used in place of words. There are even simpler road safety signs for children so as to teach them young.

What these road safety signs and symbols teach you? You will come across plenty of these road safety signs in your country or even when you are traveling abroad.

Here is the information that these signs and symbols are trying to get across to you:

  • Straight Prohibited or No Entry
  • One Way Sign
  • Vehicle Prohibited in Both Directions
  • All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
  • Right turn Prohibited
  • Horn Prohibited
  • Load Limit
  • Restriction Ends Sign
  • Compulsory Keep Left
  • No Parking
  • Compulsory Ahead Only
  • Compulsory Sound Horn
  • Then there are a few precautionary road safety signs:

  • Right hand curve
  • Left  hand curve
  • Cycle Crossing
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Cross road
  • Ferry
  • School ahead
  • Cattle
  • Falling rocks
  • Major road ahead
  • Dangerous dip
  • One should be well aware of these common road safety signs and meanings so as to enhance their safety while traveling. Although there are many more of these signs and symbols, it is not possible to include all of those here in this short article. You can buy common road safety signs pictures to teach your family and children.