Road Safety for Pedestrians

Road safety for pedestrians is a very important issue. Every year, it is sad to note that thousands of people lose their life on roads. However, there are some rules and tips that ensure complete road safety for pedestrians and are a must for every person walking on the road to follow for his safety.

Just abide by these simple rules for complete road safety for pedestrians.

For the pedestrians:

  • Demand free-up the zebra crossing for them
  • Look at the Stop and Proceed signals carefully before crossing
  • Always cross at marked crosswalks and not anywhere
  • Make sure you are seen by the drivers on the road
  • Dross only when the traffic is at a complete halt
  • Never cross on red and yellow light
  • While walking in dark, try to wear light-colored clothes
  • Keep in mind that you as a pedestrian have every right of way at the pedestrian crossings
  • Now, let us see what the motorists have to bear in mind for the road safety for pedestrians.

    As a driver
    See how you can do your bit in ensuring better road safety for pedestrians:

  • Stop your vehicle behind the Pedestrian Crossing and not over it.
  • Look for any pedestrians at the crossings.
  • Wait for all the pedestrians to cross
  • Be patient, particularly with senior pedestrians
  • Be more careful when children and pets are crossing
  • Be even more alert and slow down near schools or residential areas
  • It is the responsibility of both pedestrian and the motorist to ensure complete road safety for pedestrians. We all have to make joint effort and give respect to the lives of each other. Treat any person walking or crossing the road like your own. The pedestrians too need to shoulder their¬† part of responsibility for their safety on the road.