Road Safety for Kids

Parents and teachers should share the complete responsibility of making the young ones aware on road safety for kids. We all want our children to be safe all the times, especially on the roads. Therefore, it is our duty to make them aware while they are young. There is plenty of road safety for kids games and activities to keep them involved and educate them at the same time. As they grow, they will learn how to be safe at roads and follow the safety rules.

For the children
Here is what the children need to be taught on road safety.  Just teach them these basic rules for road safety for kids.

  • Always walk on the footpath.
  • Do not run or play  on the road
  • Cross the road only at Zebra crossings, foot over-bridges, subways.
  • Look at the traffic signals and understand them
  • Cross only when the light is green
  • Make sure you are visible to the drivers and motorists.
  • Always look right and left several times before crossing
  • Never cross unless it is completely safe
  • You can make use of some road safety for kids activities to teach them the practical way. You can devise your own plans. Like you can take them for a walk and ask them to use their own judgment and sense on roads. Of course, you need to be nearby and not leave them on their own. Teach them to hold your hand always while walking on the roads, especially the very young ones. The slightly older kids can be taught to be more responsible. This is a great way to teach road safety for kids.

    There are various practical ways and road safety for kids games that you can play inside the classroom or your home to make the young children more aware on the issues of road safety. Your day to day experiences are the best way really to teach your child all about road safety. You can make an artificial traffic park inside the school or your backyard. Let them cross the roads and look for the traffic signs. You can make flash cards of differ road signs and make your child aware of these. You can use your imagination to devise some new road safety for kids activities.